This site is meant to provide some insight into the technologies I've worked with...
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Having been involved in many large projects from the ground up for over a decade, I can offer the following services...

Web Development

Starting with a Bootstrap/Theme and ending with a place to store its data, I can help you get your website off the ground using tools and technologies described in the technology section.

Database Design

No matter the platform, I can help you with building out your data architecture.

Agile Development

Following the principles described in the Agile Manifesto and supplementing them with tools such as jira or rally, your software or website can be built with measured quality and efficiency

Service-Oriented Design

If you have several software applications that share business logic and need to communicate internally and externally through an API, you may benefit from a Service Oriented Architecture using technologies such as Windows Communication Framework, ServiceStack and the Cloud


These are just some of the public-facing projects I've worked on...

City of East Orange Web Site

Wordpress Implementation

Internal SOA API using ServiceStack

ServiceStack and C# implementation

Knowledge Point 360 Droid Mobile Application Prototype

Java and SQL Lite

MyMMS Website

Flash Web Services and ASP.Net

Pepperdine University Registration and Password Management

Simple ASP.net add-on to an existing site


Devoted father, fearless technologist and driven human.